Soccer players throughout most of world, grew up playing soccer in the streets - learning finesse, control and TOUCH – all skills that improve confidence and performance. Here in America, we grow up playing on teams. Teams must focus on team tactics to win the next game. Own Touch turns that philosophy inside out and focuses on individual development. When players learn to develop their touch, they learn precision, which leads to keeping possession of the ball, which leads to opportunities to score, and ultimately . . . to win. Here at Own Touch, we are dedicated to helping our trainees master individual technical skills that will become engrained in their athletic memory.

OWN YOUR FIRST TOUCH  (Technical Ability)

The first step of a player controlling their first touch is the ability to juggle a minimum of 100 juggles. Juggling is the foundation for players to learn exactly when, where and how strong to touch the ball with their foot, which enables them to keep possession. Juggling is critical to developing confidence in one’s ability to control and trap the ball.

OWN YOUR LAST TOUCH  (Speed and Decision Making)

The ability to control the ball while looking at other players allows one to identify options. Confidence in one’s control allows a player to evaluate multiple pass options or shooting opportunities. The same first touch that allowed one to own the ball and evaluate multiple opportunities, will also allow one to play a controllable ball to a teammate or, better yet, a ball to the back of the net. The better the first touch, the faster the next touch will be made. This is one of the key formulas for scoring goals.

Own your first and last touch and you will (1) be more confident, (2) your work rate will increase, and (3) you will get more opportunities on the pitch!