To sign up for the Own Touch After School Program, please email or call Breiana White, 1 (703) 895-6180.



After several years of parents requesting an after-school program, the wait is finally over! Transportation? Homework? Safety? We’ve got it all covered!

We are very excited to share that Own Touch will now offer a licensed after-school sports program at the new Own Touch location at U-Turn Sports Performance Academy. This program will begin in January 2017 and is open to all children within our Own Touch family.  Own Touch’s After School Sports Program provides a safe, family oriented environment that places emphasis on individual development within the classroom. Learning is fun – and we will reinforce that “school first” mantra I’m sure you remind them of often!

Our staff’s goal is to instill self-confidence within children and motivate them to be their best every day by bringing that same strong work ethic they have on the field into the classroom.

This program offers hands-on assistance with homework to children from grades K-8 who will be grouped based on age. We happily guarantee that every child’s homework will be finished before they leave our facility! For children who don’t regularly have homework, we will work with parents to develop study-plans or reading logs.

Probably one of the most exciting benefits for is transportation from your child’s school to the facility! No more stressing over transporting your kids to week-day sessions at Own Touch! Once the arrive to our facility, we will send out a tweet to all of the parents letting them know that their child has been “checked in” to Own Touch.

Another exciting benefit of the After School Sports Program is our licensure.  Not only are we committed to quality care and education, we are committed to safety as well!  As part of our licensure requirements, staff must undergo a background check and become CPR certified. Proper child-to-staff ratios, and safe “check-out” procedures are also required to ensure optimal supervision at all times. 

Own Touch’s After School Sports Program offers a “home away from home” environment for the children, while offering unparalleled advantages for those in our soccer program. What other facility gives the kids the opportunity to focus on their academic excellence as well as improving their soccer abilities?

Are you ready to start the New Year off stress-free?  If so, call us to enroll your child(ren) into Own After School Sports Program or click this link for more information. We are currently offering $25 dollars off your first week for every child that enrolls during the first week of registration.


Own Touch’s After-School Academy offers:

  • Homework assistance
  • Snacks
  • Free play
  • Academic tutoring
  • Free transportation pick-up from schools
  • Instructional soccer classes


Mentee Rate

3 Day Rate, $60.00 Per Week
5 Day Rate, $80.00 Per Week
Month Rate. $350.00 Per Month

Non Mentee Rate

3 Day Rate, $75.00 Per Week
5 Day Rate, $100.00 Per Week
Month Rate, $400 Per Month


Breiana White - Masters in Education
Lauryn Hutchinson- Masters in Education


2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Schedule Breakdown:

1:45 PM- Vans leave to pick up elementary school children
2:10 PM- Elementary School children are dismissed
3:00 PM- Children are dropped off at Own Touch Central
3:00 PM- Vans leave to pick up middle school children
3:15 PM- Group activity to help the kids unwind from a long day at school
3:20 PM- Head to the classroom to start working on homework
*If children don’t have homework they must work on the daily assignment or read
3:30 PM- Distribute snack
3:30 PM- Middle schoolers are dismissed
3:50 PM- Middle Schoolers arrive to the facility and head directly to the classroom
3:50 PM- Checklist is completed. Tweet sent out to parents.
4:00 PM- Instructional soccer classes begin at Own Touch
4:00-6:00 PM- Children work on homework until they participate in an instructional class or their parents pick them up.